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White coat syndrome and hypnosis

Take back your power and your calm! White coat syndrome, or white coat hypertension, is when blood pressure is higher when taken in a medical setting. Luckily, there are some really great ways to help that experience shrink back down and feel safer. “I’m...

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Father’s Day letter to my kids

by Jose Maresma, Exercise Physiologist, Sports Scientist, and Wellness Consultant (and husband to our staff counselor Kimberlee Boreson Maresma) “My father turned to me as if he’d been waiting all his life to hear my question.”–J.D. SalingerWith...

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Summer Fun In The 505

Director of Operations, Shelley Black  Every spring, my kids and I make a “Summer Bucket List” of all the fun we want to have in the upcoming summer. Summer in New Mexico is awesome with kids and we want to experience it all! The weather...

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