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Milk Depot

Dar a Luz is proud to partner with the Mother’s Milk Bank to become New Mexico’s first milk depot, serving as a human milk Donation and Outreach Center. We collect frozen breastmilk from verified donors, and ship it to the Denver Milk Bank for testing, pasteurization and re-distribution to NICU hospitals.

Who does it serve?

The milk bank is a Colorado-based, nonprofit program benefiting parents and babies nationwide by collecting, pasteurizing, analyzing and distributing donor human milk to nearly 160 hospitals in NM and across the United States. You can deliver their frozen milk to Dar a Luz to have it transported safely to the milk bank, one of the oldest and largest nonprofit milk banks in the nation.

Sick and premature babies need your breastmilk donations urgently.  If you would like to help, become a verified donor! 

Complete a 10-15 minute phone screening by calling 303-869-1888, or toll free at 833-234-0555. You may also go to the Mother’s Milk Bank website here.

Experts recommend breastfeeding exclusively for six months and the introduction of age appropriate foods with breast milk to remain in the diet for two years and beyond. When a milk supply is inadequate or lacking, particularly for high risk or premature infants, pasteurized donor milk is the next best option. Donor milk banking plays an important role in meeting these recommendations.

Human milk provides life-saving nourishment for infants in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit. For some premature babies, just one ounce provides a day’s worth of nutrition. If you add an extra ounce each time you pump, and donate it, you can save the life of a newborn child. And, help someone who can’t produce milk for their baby. The Mother’s Milk Bank relies on the goodness of donations from nursing parents. Please consider donating. It’s a small way to make a huge impact.

Here are five more truths about donating breastmilk (article on

For more information, contact us by text, email or phone.

Are you looking for donated milk to feed to a baby in need? Have you got milk to share that can’t be sent to our milk bank?

Check out Human Milk for Human Babies NM on Facebook.  Post your need or offer on the page and find a milky match fast!

“I never felt rushed during any of my appointments, and believed each midwife was genuinely interested in listening to and addressing any questions or concerns that I had.”

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