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#SaveDaraLuz Update! United Way Giving

October 14, 2023 #SaveDaraLuz Update! United Way Giving Greetings Community!  We have amazing news! Last week we received an anonymous donation that brought us to a total of $152,000 raised since the start of our #SaveDaraLuz...

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 #SaveDaraLuz Update! #3

October 8, 2023 #SaveDaraLuz Update! Greetings Community! We come to you first with some nostalgia: Abigail and Alisa founded and incorporated Dar a Luz (back then “Full Circle Midwifery Birth & Health Center”) in July 2007...

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Matching Challenge And Grandparent’s Day

September 17, 2023 Hello Community!  Thank you for all of the generous contributions in the past 26 days. We are 96 hours away from the end of this challenge and we are ALMOST there. We have just over $14,000 in contributions and/or pledges...

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August 21, 2023 #SaveDaraLuz MATCHING CHALLENGEWhat’s our goal: $30K in Days!What’s our timeline: August 21- September 20, 2023What’s our pledge: Our entire board and staff (24 people) have pledged and committed to contribute...

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#SaveDaraLuz Update

August 2, 2023 #SaveDaraLuz Update! Community! THANK YOU for all of the generous contributions we have received in the past several weeks! On June 13th, we sent out our first letter to the community about our financial needs. To date, we have...

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#Save Dar A Luz! We Need You NOW!

June 27, 2023 Save Dar a Luz! We need you NOW!While we are on track to meet our goal of $50,000 by the end of August (we have raised just shy of $7,500 over the first two weeks of this initial campaign!), we still have a long way to go. So...

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Time for a Quick Car Seat Check!

By Nancy Anthony, NHTSA-Certified Child Passenger Safety Technician As you get ready for summer road trips and vacations, don’t forget to do a quick check up on your child’s car seat status. Is your child in the right seat? Babies grow quickly....

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Reading to Babies in the First Year

by Nancy Anthony, Carseat Clinic Educator Let me start by just saying I love books. I love holding, smelling, reading, collecting, and sharing them.Real, paper and ink, turn-the-pages books. Some of my sweetest memories as a child, and as a mother,...

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Practicing Gratitude

by Tracy Cooper, Dar a Luz Receptionist As we kick off this holiday season, I wanted to share something I think about a lot… I’m sure we’ve all noticed that negative experiences tend to have a greater impact on us than positive ones. This...

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