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What Is The Birth center Like?

Seeing is believing! Coming to one of our tours is the best way to find out what it’s like here. While you’re waiting for the next tour,  visit our Facebook page to see pictures of the birth center and our birthing families.  

Check out our ‘FAQ’ page to learn what a midwife is, what a birth center is, and what regulatory organizations they report to.

“The personal care received felt as if loved ones were the ones taking care of me, my baby and my family since the beginning of my care there… I was able to take most of the classes… I’m sure I wouldn’t have had the same memorable experience somewhere else, especially in the middle of COVID 19.”

    Is It Safe?

    Many clients wonder if a birth center would be safe for their pregnancy and birth. Birth centers are extremely safe for low-risk clients. Pregnancies and birth center outcomes are at least as good as those in hospitals, and often better. You’re in good hands.

    Studies on birth center safety and efficacy consistently show fewer unnecessary interventions and dramatically lower cesarean surgery rates. We know that supporting normal birth produces better outcomes than medically over-managing it.

    Midwives are highly trained in normal pregnancy and birth, and they also know when to transfer care to hospitals and doctors if things have gotten risky. Pregnancy and birth usually are physiologically normal events in a person’s life.  In fact, the World Health Organization says more than 85% of pregnancies and births are normal or should be normal.

    Each pregnancy is unique, and there are many things we consider safe for birth center care. Get all of your questions answered by attending one of our free tours, offered twice a month. Click HERE.

    Don’t take our word for it! Check out what others have to say about birthing their babies with Dar a Luz.

    What does Dar a Luz require from me?
    (Commitments, labs, tests, classes)

    Dar a Luz strives to provide you with the birth experience you desire. Your preferences are as unique as you are and we enjoy customizing your care. There are also some things we require for your and your baby’s safety, some things we know are going to help you, and some things we need from you in order to provide the best service to all of our families.

    At a minimum we require:

    • $600 registration fee ($300 if you are on Medicaid). The registration fee applies to all of the non-medical related care here at the birth center including the tour, your personal financial estimate, records transfers and reviews, and secures your due date with us. For most clients this fee is due at the first visit, but you can let us know if you need more time.
    • A urine sample, your blood pressure and your weight at each visit
    • An ultrasound to confirm the baby’s health and the location of your placenta
    • Prenatal labs, including HIV, Hepatitis B, Hepatitis C and Group Beta Strep (GBS — if positive, treatment is optional but strongly encouraged)
    • A diabetes screening test at about 28 weeks in your pregnancy
    • You are required to attend one of our birth classes — our traditional birth class or birth hypnosis class, or a condensed birth class if you have had a baby before. These are included in our fees. Our continued accreditation requires childbirth education for every pregnant client.
    • You must attend an Interventions and Transfers class before your baby is born. This class will reduce your fears about having to transfer to a hospital, and will make it a more positive experience if it happens.
    • You must attend the Newborn Care, Breastfeeding 101 and Carseat classes if you haven’t had them before.

    Learning the general information in a class frees up your time with the midwives and nurses for discussing your own personal situation, instead of going over the basics during your visits with your care providers. Birth center care is different in lots of ways… and the outstanding education you receive at Dar a Luz is is one of the biggest benefits to our clients.

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