THEY/THEM Ease…. and the Distress with BREASTS by Susan Moore Daniels I have been a midwife and a mother for more than 3 decades now. I guess maybe that makes me kind of an old-bird. So here are some random shared experiences from thi…

Taking Pride in their work

Ask around, and you’ll hear that there is something wonderfully supportive about being surrounded by the Dar a Luz community. And the truth is even though our family is complete, our community of friends keeps growing thanks to them.  My n…

Mother’s Day Activities

by Nakonah Secatero, Administrative Coordinator  As I brainstormed ideas for ways to spend Mother’s day with your loved one, I thought to myself, “where did Mother’s day come from?” How did it become a holiday? It’s quite interesting, Moth…

Supporting our People on the Journey of Growing our Families

By Claire Merritt, RN “Sometimes the bravest and most important thing you can do is just show up.”  -Brene Brown Hello Dar a Luz family! My name is Claire, and I am one of the nurses here at DAL. This summer I will celebrate my 4…

My Origins: How Did I Get Here?

by Abigail Lanin Eaves, CNM I don’t really know how old I was when I first heard my mother’s birth stories… I suspect I wasn’t more than 4 or 5 years old, mesmerized by the idea of giving birth. She talked with such ease (as I recall) abo…

Mythbusters: Birth Edition

by Alisa Henning, CNM image by Lori Martinez Photography Thanks for joining us on this myth-busting and truth-finding mission! Read on to learn more about birth and midwifery and birth center care. “Birth has always happened i…

What is Dancing for Birth™?

by Amity McElroy, Educator CIMI, CD Are you looking for a safe exercise program for pregnancy? Or maybe you want to dance your way through labor, or you would like more community postpartum…  If so, Dancing for Birth™ is for YOU! Dan…

The “Dirt” on Dirt 

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by Stephanie Sanchez RN, IBCLC Did you wash your hands? Don’t track mud in the house! Did you use hand sanitizer? Don’t eat that off the floor! Don’t touch that, you don’t know where it’s been! Have those toys been wiped down? Get that out …

Why I Came to Dar a Luz

by Olivia Herrera, Birth Assistant I had LONGED to work at Dar a Luz. On my drive through the North Valley, I would pass the bell tower with a new baby’s name proudly displayed on it… a sweet announcement to the community that a new babe …


by Laura Ross Wood, LMSW Self-Soothing A very useful psychological concept is the idea of “flooding.” Flooding basically means that the body and mind are overwhelmed. This state of “fight-flight-freeze” causes blood pressure to rise at t…

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