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Open Enrollment

by Erica Deerinwater, Billing Specialist If you receive your health insurance through an employer, you’ve probably already received information about upcoming open enrollment. These documents can feel both overwhelming and useless at the same time....

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Internet safety for kids

by Erica Deerinwater, Billing Specialist Today, many families use technology to teach as well as entertain our kids. We all have our goals on how much our kids will be in front of a screen, and sometimes that limit is stretched for a multitude...

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Natural Measures for Gestational Diabetes

by Susan Moore Daniels, CNM, MSN “I am sure the test result is wrong!”“This result has to be a mistake.” These and other similar comments are heard by our nurses at Dar a Luz almost every day when they make the phone calls to report abnormal...

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Nutrition FAQs

by Jenna Montano, Birth Assistant There are several frequently-asked questions that the nurses get around the clinic and on the nurse line. Here, I’d like to talk about a few of the things that come up the most frequently in pregnancy and...

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Should You Wear a Seat Belt When You’re Pregnant?

By Nancy Anthony, NHTSA-Certified Child Passenger Safety Technician YES! That’s a simple one! The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), doctors, and Child Passenger Safety experts all agree that wearing a seat belt throughout...

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You Want Me to get Physical Therapy on My What?!?

By Yelena Baras, CNM If you’ve had a visit with me in the clinic during or outside of pregnancy, you’ve inevitably heard me rant about how important it is to devote the proper amount of time and energy to your pelvic floor. You’ve heard me debunk...

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Ode to the Kids of COVID

by Robin Hayter, Lactation Consultant This one is dedicated to the children: the newborns, the toddlers, the school-aged, and all of the new graduates. Approximately 15 months ago, life as we know it ceased. COVID-19 has had an immense impact...

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Vitamin D

by Stephanie Sanchez, RN, IBCLC, Birth Assistant Ahhh, good ‘ol vitamin D… the “sunshine” vitamin. Surely you’ve been nagged by someone in your life about the importance of getting enough of this essential vitamin: maybe it’s your farmer dad...

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4 All-Natural, At-Home Summer Activities for Kids

by Savannah Holloway, Holloway, RN, Birth Assistant What a year 2020 was! The pandemic turned everyday life upside down for everyone—adults and children alike. Many parents were faced with the challenge of home-schooling AND home-entertaining....

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