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Empowering care for every woman

Midwifery care
for every mother

Dedicated to providing compassionate and holistic prenatal care, women’s health services and a safe alternative to hospital birth for women and their families.

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“A strong intention, a relaxed body and an open mind are the main ingredients for an active birth.”
—Janet Balaskas

Having a
Baby Here

Most women and birthing parents can have a baby here! Birth center outcomes are at least as good as those in hospitals, and often better. You’re in good hands.

About our

Meet some of the staff, virtually tour the center and get your questions answered about natural childbirth in a birthing center. Each tour includes a brief presentation, and a video, and is 1.5 hours long.

Other Services
We Offer

From pre-conception counseling, pregnancy testing, lab work, and ultrasounds to postpartum care, including birth control planning, we are here to help in your journey.

Classes &

The education we give to our clients is above and beyond what most parents are offered in their care at other facilities. We work hard to make our classes relevant, interesting, and fun!

What Our Clients Are Saying

  • — About the Pandemic

    I had a baby during a global pandemic so with that things were very different… Everyone remained compassionate and encouraging throughout my whole pregnancy, birth and postpartum.


    All of my appointments for prenatal care were organized and all my questions were answered. Dar a Luz handled the COVID pandemic very well.


    DAL created a stress free environment and all staff went out of your way to make us feel comfortable. (Our midwife) was very patient during our birth process… and allowed us space to spend more than enough time at the birth center, and also provided plenty of space to have a birth experience with just the two of us.


    Every midwife and classes staff are super friendly, helpful… professional. The personal care received felt as if loved ones were the ones taking care of me, my baby and my family since the beginning of my care there… I was able to take most of the classes… I’m sure I wouldn’t had the same memorable experience somewhere else, especially in the middle of COVID 19.

  • — Vanessa Barela

    I cannot even come close to describing the absolute best care I’ve gotten here in only one appointment. I’d had 8 appointments at UNM and 1 at triage with no idea why I was having bleeding problems constantly with no resolution. My first appointment here was beyond amazing. I got two midwives for my appointment who were incredibly kind and thorough with my medical history addressing any concerns I might have had. They said they would get to the bottom of why I was bleeding during pregnancy and ensure the baby is safe. After having only 1 appointment there, my midwife, Lauren has called me no less than 3 times to check on me to see how I’m doing, when she had results, and then later once I had time to digest results to see if I had any questions. She then even offered her personal cell phone number in case I had more questions after I talked with my partner. This level of care is unprecedented and I couldn’t recommend them highly enough.

  • — John Keisling

    My wife and I came here for the births of three of our babies. The only reason we didn’t have our first child here is that we didn’t know about it, and we really wish we had! The whole experience at Dar a Luz is like going to a spa or a high-end resort, only better, because everyone there loves birth and babies. Our first birth, at a hospital, did not even compare. And the out-of-pocket cost was basically the same. This should be a no-brainer. Unless you are higher-risk and must go to a hospital, have your baby at Dar a Luz!

  • — Ashley Yoder

    My experience at Dar a Luz was beautiful. This was my second child, and my first was born at home in another state. As such, it was important to me that the birth take place a comfortable, safe space. Dar a Luz provided just that. The midwives are knowledgeable, decisive, respectful, and sensitive–all things I wanted from the people attending my son’s birth. When I went into labor there were two other women already laboring at the birth center (a rare occasion!). The midwives handled it all very well. We ended up being able to stay in the room we birthed in through the night. I am a lucky woman in that the two times I have given birth have gone smoothly; nonetheless, having such competent and trustworthy support makes all the difference. [The midwives] will do all they can and more to support the Mamas at Dar a Luz. I appreciate all the love, attention to detail, and effort that goes into not only providing this option for the women of Albuquerque, but also making it such a good one. Dar a Luz was undoubtedly the right choice for me!

Professional Premium Care

with a caring touch

Our staff are some of the most experienced and well trained in New Mexico. You and your baby are in the best possible hands. 

Our facility is quiet and relaxing with multiple suites for you to use while in labor. We worry about the details so you don’t have to. 

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