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Placenta Encapsulation

All proceeds go to ongoing #SaveDaraLuz Campaign

    New Life Birth Services has graciously donated their Placenta Encapsulation Bundle to support the ongoing #saveDaraLuz campaign. The raffle prize will include a Placenta Encapsulation bundle as well as: 

    • Placenta Pick Up from your Birthplace
    • Placenta Encapsulation Services
    • Cord Keepsake (wherever possible)
    • Postpartum Usage Guide
    • Capsule Delivery to You

    Each ticket is $25, with the final tickets sold on October 30th and the drawing on October 31st. 

    Placenta Encapsulation Bundle (retails $395)

    • Placenta Encapsulationeach placenta produces 100-200 capsules. The bigger your baby, the bigger your placenta!

    • Placenta printyour placenta is used to create a classic “tree” print on high quality watercolor paper. The result is an organic piece of art that is unique to you.

    • Placenta Tincture (4oz) – this shelf-stable placenta infusion can be used long after your capsules are gone, and even into menopause.

    • Cord keepsake

    • Sitz bath herb bundle

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